VITO VL cleans the frying oil and offers an easy and hygienic filtration in the
kitchen. The device is equipped with VITOconnect, which enables seamless cost control, logging and analysis and secures the investment. The large control panel and the simple dishwasher cleaning of all mechanical parts maximize
user-friendliness. The increased filtration capacity prevents the rotor from
clogging with large particles in the deep-frying medium.

All benefits at a glance:
– Save up to 50% of your frying oil
– Improve the quality of your fried foods
– Less workload around the deep fryer

Clean your oil with a VITO oil filter and become one of over 50,000 satisfied VITO customers around the world!

Satisfied VITO customers
VITO Awards


Dirty fryer before the filtration

Dirty deep-frying oil before cleaning with
the VITO deep-frying oil filter

Place VITO in the deep fryer and press start. The filtration time is a maximum of 5 minutes

clean fryer and oil after filtration

Clean cooking oil ensures the best quality of your food and saves you money

For more detailed information about
the proper VITO handling please visit
our handling website.


Preview of the VITO handling website
MalfunctionPossible causeRemedial action
Power indicator (red LED) (1)
remains inactive
• Power cord (10) not plugged in
• Power cord (10) defective
• Device defective
• Plug in VITO
• Please contact service
• Please contact service
VITO is very noisy during operation• Star handles (7) are loose
• Rotor defective
• Rotor scratches on the fryer
• Tighten star handles (7)
• Please contact service
• Change the position of VITO in the deep fryer
Power indicator (red LED) (1)
flashes and acoustic signal sounds
• Over temperature• Let VITO cool down
• Place VITO in a cool place
Power indicator (red LED) (1) and filter indicator (green LED) (2) flash and an acoustic signal sounds• VITO is at an angle of more than 17°
• Strong vibrations
• Check position of the VITO in the fryer
• Please contact service
• Damaged rotating parts
• Filter cover not closed porperly
VITO doesn’t start• Control unit (8) defective• Please contact service
Line fuse / Ground fault circuit fuse (GFCI) blowout• Power cord (10) or other electrical components defective
• Rotor defective / blocked
• Circuit overloaded
• Please contact service
• Please contact service
• Change socket/circuit
Low filtration performance• Particle filter is full
• Pump-filter unit (11)
• Motor defective
• Change particle filter
• Empty pump-filter unit (11)
• Boil out for heavy contamination
• Insert filter as described
• Please contact service
Oil splashed sideways and / or at the back of the pump-filter unit (11)• Particle filter full
• Too much space between filter
cover and pump-filter unit (11)
• Filter paper not inserted overlapping
• Change particle filter
• Please contact service
• Insert particle filter as described
Power and filter indicator (1 & 2) flash 10 sec. after plugging VITO in and an acoustic signal sounds• Start / Stop button (5) defective
• Control unit (8) wet inside
• Please contact service
• Please let it dry
Internet connection cannot be established• Wrong network choosed
• Wrong password entered
• WiFi signal too weak
• Select correct network
• Enter correct password
• Strengthen the WiFi signal
• Move router closer to VITO
“”-website is not
displayed correctly
• Outdated website in cache
• Device is not connected to VITO
• Delete Cache
• Delete browser data
• Connect to VITO (see chapter 6.4)